Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities with NIB’s International Debit and Prepaid MasterCard products, which offers cardholders better convenience, security and control.


Enjoy a priceless payment advantage across multiple channels, such as, ATMs, Point of Sales, and Online purchases.


With either our Debit Gold, Debit Standard or Prepaid MasterCard products, your NIB International Debit or Prepaid MasterCard allows you access to over 36million merchant locations both locally and internationally, as well as over 2million ATM sites, in more than 210 countries worldwide.


Benefits To The Customer:

  1. Providing you with 24/7 access to your account, from anywhere in the world. 
  2. Ability to keep track of your expenses, with the alerts available to you. 
  3. Best-in-class technology to ensure protection of your card information and protection against fraudulent transactions. 
  4. Convenience of easy payments, with the added option of defining your own spending or withdrawal limits. 


NIB Cashlink ATM Service

This is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) service, which enables the Bank to provide an uninterrupted 24 hour, 7 days a week Banking Services to its clients at their convenience and in a very serene atmosphere. Services offered include: Cash Withdrawals, Statement Request, PIN Change, Funds Transfer, Balance Enquiry, Cheque Book Request, Bill Payment and Transfer to own or other accounts.


E-Zwich Service

The Bank of Ghana has introduced the national E-Zwich Card to facilitate easy payments and banking for all Ghanaians throughout all banks, rural banks and savings and Loans Companies. NIB registers customers and the general public for the E-Zwich Cards and Merchant Point of Sale Terminals.



GH-Link is an electronic platform set up by GHIPPS that interconnects all ATMs in the country, bearer of the GH-Link card can withdraw money from any ATM, irrespective of the bank they save with.


GH-Link connects twenty-five (25) Banks including three (3) savings and loans companies, implying that customers of any of these banks can use the ATMs of the member-banks. The GH-Link connects about thousand ATMs, making it the biggest and the most convenient platform compared to Visa and MasterCard in Ghana.


SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts allow you to stay updated on your banking transactions. Customers can register for Mobile Alerts service to receive SMS alerts for banking transactions, as well as mini statement.


Customers are given access to view statements of accounts as well as current balances. This service attracts a monthly charge. Contact the nearest branch to sign up for this service.


Online Banking

Online Banking allows you to enjoy banking services using the internet. You have the convenience of Internet Banking at your own terms, wherever and whenever. One can receive real-time balances on one’s account(s), view and download account activity among others. Contact your nearest branch to subscribe.

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