Development Finance Products

This Bank Guarantee is issued to CEPS on the customers behalf to enable him/her enjoy opportunity of deferred payment in respect of custom duties.

Contractors who intend to tender or bid for contracts are required to submit such securities from the Bank.

This guarantee is issued to GHACEM by the bank on behalf of the customer for the supply of cement. It’s a Supplier’s guarantee covering supplier’s credit. All sales made by the supplier is channel though the customers’ account to be transferred to GHACEM on due dates.

Customers could purchase on credit from his/her supplier if this facility is accessed. Payments of goods supplied are paid on a due date. In the event of the customer to pay the supplier on schedule the latter can revoke the guarantee from the issuer.

This a product which protects claims arising from loan/advance. An importer who fails to make payments when the exporter met all commitments, a document is sent to the bank of the guarantor, which will then be gratified to pay.

Contract awarding agencies normally request from successful bidders to submit legal documents guaranteeing completion of the contract award formalities and readiness to execute the contract. In the event of failure to complete the work, the awarding agency can revoke the guarantee from the issuer.

Successful bidders are permitted to access advance mobilization from the contract awarding agency towards completion of the contract. In the event of failure of the contractor to perform, the awarding agency can revoke the guarantee from the issuer.

General purpose loan intended to meet the specific needs of clients. The facility is targeted at salary workers who earned not less than GH¢200.00 monthly for personal needs such as rent, school fees etc.

Credit product offered to customers who want to purchase a brand new vehicles. Successful applicants are to contribute at least 20% of the total value of the vehicle.

This credit facility is offered to executives and high net worth employees of blue chip companies. Only individuals who earn not less than GH¢25,000.00 net salary a year qualify to apply for this facility.

Customers who maintain accounts with NIB or are paid through Controller and Accountants General Department can access up to 80% of their salary in advance.

Reputable institutions who wants to free up its working capital that would otherwise be tied to loans to members of staff are offered this loans on condition that its employees has accounts with NIB and the employer be responsible for the deduction of repayment amount for onward transfer to NIB on monthly basis.

This facilities provided to businesses to meet their working capital needs. It enables businesses replenish stock, pay bill etc. into bank, which will then be obliged to pay.

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