Treasury Services

The Bank buys treasury securities issued by the Government of Ghana on behalf of customers. These securities have very attractive returns and are deemed risk free for clients. Treasury bills are short-to-medium term investments which require low startup capital and hence allow a wide array of investors to partake. Treasury bills usually have maturities of not more than one year while Bonds have maturities of between two (2) and five (5) years. Notes have maturities between one(1) and two(2) years.

Fixed Deposits (FDs) are Investments offered by the Bank to attract higher interest for customers who choose to lodge their deposits for a fixed period of time. These investments can be done for periods ranging from three (3) months to one (1) year and can be offered at negotiable rates according to the amounts invested. Deposits can be used as lien/security to guarantee a loan facility from the Bank.

Call Deposits are investments available to clients who are interested in making cash lodgments for an unspecified period whilst attracting high returns. The rates are negotiable per the level of investment.

The Bank undertakes funds management for clients who require these services. Funds lodged periodically by these clients are invested and managed to attract high returns.

A Portfolio of investments can be managed on behalf of corporate clients and walk-in customers to generate higher returns. Various Investment vehicles such as treasury securities, corporate bonds and FDRs are utilized to ensure high returns for corporates.

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