SME Products

SME Banking

This is the provision of special financial services to meet the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises.



(a)     Loans
•    Working capital support
•    Trade Finance
•    Bridge Finance
•    Fixed Assets Acquisition

(b)     Overdrafts
•    For working capital support
•    Satisfactory account operation with Bank for at least six (6) months
•    Tenor of up to twelve (twelve) months

(c)     Temporary Overdrafts
•    For immediate and urgent  business needs
•    Tenor of up to three (3) months

(d)     Contractor Certificate Discounting
•    Certificates raised/prepared in joint names of Bank & Customer

(e)     Guarantees
•    Bank Guarantee
•    Performance Guarantee
•    Advance Payment /Mobilization Guarantee
•    Letters of Credit

  • Minimum daily deposit of GH¢5.00
  • Quarterly withdrawals not more than 50% of saved amount.

  1. Minimum weekly deposit of GH 25.00
  2. Quarterly withdrawals

  • Minimum weekly deposit of GH¢50.00
  • Quarterly withdrawals.
  • The target customers for this product are Small and Medium size businesses e.g. traders, small scale manufacturers, suppliers, artisans etc.

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